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4 Surprising Features that Can Make Your Property More Attractive to Renters

4 Surprising Features that Can Make Your Property More Attractive to Renters

When tenants are looking for the perfect rental property to call home, they often have a list of desired features in mind. While your property may not meet everyone’s demands, you can attract more renters when you are able to provide useful amenities and spaces that are designed to meet modern needs. 

Here are four surprising features of a rental property that can help you to attract high-quality renters! 

1. Convenient Parking 

In a busy city like Chicago, tenants often want to have access to their vehicles without having to circle around the block every time they come home. Crowded, expensive parking is a turn-off to many renters.

Consider adding off-street parking to single units, like a detached garage or a carport. Even if it only has room for one vehicle, you may be able to attract a greater number of renters who want to be able to access their car from a private garage. 

If you operate a multi-family unit, you could choose to offer access to a tenant lot as a perk for your renters. Even if you don’t have the space to offer designated parking at your property, you can seek to work with nearby parking garages to attain reduced rates for your tenants. 

Renters are looking for properties that offer a high degree of convenience and that often means access to amenities like affordable parking!

2. Exciting Common Areas

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) green spaces have the potential to improve mental and physical health. Modern renters want the benefit of green spaces. Consider designating lawn space as a courtyard or picnic area. This can be a great place to host events to facilitate social interaction between your tenants as well, which can help neighbors to get to know each other and lead to a greater level of satisfaction for your renters. 

If you have plenty of outdoor space, tenants that own pets are often excited to find properties that offer a small dog park or walking area. You can also enhance your outdoor space by adding simple features like hanging solar lights or shady pergolas to make your tenants feel at ease.

If your rental property is meant to be a single-family unit, adding a fence and a covered patio can turn a regular backyard into a private oasis.

These outdoor common areas will make your property more inviting and comfortable. 

3. Updated Fixtures

Sometimes, a little bit of investment can go a long way in attracting renters! Some simple fixtures can add a spa-like feel to your property at a very low cost.

Consider adding luxurious fixtures like rainfall showerheads or soaking tubs to your bathrooms. Make sure to have plenty of storage, including built-in towel bars or hooks and a linen closet, if possible. These small touches can help prospective tenants to imagine themselves coming home at the end of a long day and relaxing in the property.

The kitchen is another great place to spend a little bit of money to attract the very best renters. With attractive farmhouse sinks or updated countertops made of durable, attractive quartz, renters can easily imagine themselves spending time in the kitchen or cooking a meal for a family gathering.

When prospective renters see your property as a place of peace, they’re more likely to associate it with being “home.” Little features make a big difference!

4. Security

One of the primary concerns that renters often have about a property is security. While you won’t necessarily need to hire security guards to patrol the property on a regular basis, there are a few simple steps that you can take to showcase safety features for your tenants.

If you have common entryways, consider adding gates to deter unwanted guests. Upgrade the locks on the entrances to each unit. Add extra lighting around areas that could cause concern for renters, like stairwells and garages.

These small touches can help prospective renters to feel safe and secure while they are at home.

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