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Landmark Property Management of Chicago is a full service real estate brokerage dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients.

We handle everything real estate related - including buying/selling, leasing, property management, rehabbing, construction, development, real estate investments, and receivership.

We offer services such as finding and placing a resident, coordinating maintenance, rent collection, resident renewals, managing vendor relationships, ensuring compliance with local regulations, and more…

Our clients range from single-family homes to multi-unit residences. We serve local (Chicagoland) and international property owners, who want to enjoy their lives and relax, knowing their properties are actively being cared for.

We are passionate about serving the client first, building trust, and ensuring each and every property is well-cared for.

Meet Your Team

Picture of Jason Marcordes
Jason Marcordes Founder, Managing Broker
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Jason Marcordes is currently the Managing Broker of Landmark Property Management. Jason founded Landmark Property Management back in 2014 and went full time in the business in 2018. Prior to that Jason worked at several other property management companies in the Chicagoland area, managing thousands of residential and commercial properties over the past decade. Jason enjoys building the team and growing the portfolio!

Jason’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Rome, Prague, and the Greek Islands are a few of my favorites!

Perfect day: Get up early to enjoy a cup of coffee, a book, and the peace and quiet the morning allows. Brunch with Kristy (wife) and Aiden (baby) and then get to work scaling the business. In the evening, enjoy a nice dinner out with Kristy and then getting to bed early for a good night’s sleep!

Friends describe him as: Hard working, dependable, honest to a fault

Favorite subject in school: History

Favorite music: Country music

Favorite food: It’s a toss up between cheeseburgers and street tacos…

Current pets: Eddy! My beloved pitbull who thinks he is a cat :)

Picture of Kristy
Kristy Marcordes Owner, Director of Marketing
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Kristy Marcordes is an Owner of Landmark Property Management and currently serves as our Director of Marketing. This position oversees all of the company’s marketing needs, including social media, digital marketing, content creation, website design, graphic design, video creation & editing, and more.

Kristy’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Prague was just like a fairy tale and Spain has so much to offer! We have had so many great adventures and I can’t wait to see more.

What’s your perfect day? Getting outside for an activity with the family (Aiden & Jason), dinner or a meal out and a glass of wine! After a fun day and getting some work done, then going to bed early!

Who/what inspires you? Jason! Being around him every day makes you want to push yourself and do more. He is such a hard worker and great husband and father.

How would your friends describe you? Artistic, Honest, Empathetic

Favorite subject in school: Math & Art Classes

Hidden talents: I am an artist with skill in both traditional studio art and design!

Favorite food: Cheeseburgers or Tacos (it’s too hard to pick one!)

Current pets: Eddy! Our pitbull mix with the best floppy ears.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? As an educator it would be when prior students have reached out and shared how much of an impact I made and how I helped them reach their goals.

Picture of Eriel
Eriel Davis VP of Business Development
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Eriel’s current position is VP of Business Development. Some of her duties include but are not limited to identifying and developing new business opportunities, building relationships with investors, realtors, brokers, etc., and setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth. Eriel is a great team player that supports everyone at Landmark Property Management.

Eriel’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Love warm places!

Perfect day: Complete all tasks and reach all her daily goals

Friends describe her as: Sociable introvert, someone who loves to spend time with family and friends, dependable, loyal, goal driven, and a hard worker.

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite Food: Mexican food

Favorite movie: The Blind Side

Picture of Jill Ferguson
Jill Ferguson VP of Owner Relations
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Jill Ferguson is currently the VP of Owner Relations at Landmark Property Management. She is in charge of daily communication with the owners, owner statements/payments, escalated tenant issues, and  security deposit returns. Jill has a vast knowledge of property management as she has worked with several other property management companies prior to joining the team at Landmark.


Best places traveled to: Nashville

Perfect day: Completing all of her tasks with no issues

Friends describe him as: Outgoing, funny

Favorite music: Country music

Current pets: One dog, Abby

Best compliment ever received: You have grown in such a short amount of time and you look so much happier!

Picture of Adam Sieger
Adam Sieger Director of Property Management
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Adam Sieger is currently LPM’S Director of Property Management. His main responsibility is overseeing the team and ensuring we are employing industry leading best practices. He is also currently in charge of overseeing the leasing department. At his previous company, Adam was able to help grow a portfolio of 150 doors to 650+ doors in over 5 years. He is a growth oriented person driven by results. If we was not in real estate, Adam would’ve loved to be a part of Sports Broadcasting

Adam’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Italy and Punta Cana

Perfect day: Get up nice and early, cut the grass, relax for a few hours, go to an early dinner with his wife and then sit on their back patio with a glass of bourbon!

Friends describe him as: Honest to a fault, trustworthy, and always up for a fun night of drinks

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite music: Country music

Favorite food: Shrimp Scampi

Current pets: Three dogs and two cats.

Picture of Natasha Ascanio
Natasha Ascanio Operations Manager
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Natasha Ascanio is LPM's current Operations Manager. Her main responsibilities include managing the office team, creating processes to standardize operations, and handling unit turns. Natasha is an expert in organization and multitasking. She understands the importance of having good processes; a small change can have a big impact within the company!. She thrives on challenges and is continuously improving and learning. 


Best places traveled to: Inverness, Scotland (loved Loch Ness). 

Perfect day: Cold weather, red wine and a BBQ with her husband and her puppy.

Friends describe her as: Brutally honest, funny and loyal.

Favorite subject in school: Math and Physics

Current pets: A dog named Balu

Favorite movie: Snatch! 

Best Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Picture of Kittrell
Kittrell Hickman Leasing Agent
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Kittrell is one of LPM's rockstar Leasing Agents! He is in charge of scheduling and showing the apartments that are currently managed by Landmark Property Management. Kittrell's secret to success is "The Power of Follow Up". Coming from a family of realtors, Kittrell is a natural at his job. 


Best places traveled to: New York

Perfect day: Showing a listing to a client and receiving an application before midnight

Friends describe him as: High energy and positive

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite music: Hip Hop

Favorite food: Salmon

Favorite movie: Wolf of Wallstreet

Picture of Nam
Nam Duong Leasing Agent
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Nam is one of LPM’s rockstar Leasing Agents! His role at Landmark Property Management is to match clients with their dream apartment. He constantly works to represent not only his clients but also landlords in finding the best match for each other. He understands how difficult the current rental market is, but still tries to ensure each client gets what they want. Nam is great at understanding human behavior and is able to cross analyze with physical cues.


Best places traveled to: Alpharetta, Georgia.

Perfect day: Gather with friends for breakfast and coffee before going out for a cruise. Enjoy a nice lunch at a fine dining restaurant with a nice massage afterwards. At night, go for a walk anywhere scenic to try new bakery items. End the day with a nostalgic movie and gaming with the boys.

Friends describe him as: “Cannot be bothered, but always there when you need him”

Favorite subject in school: Managerial Communications

Favorite animal: The stray cat. They’re independent, loving, and intelligent.

Favorite food: Banana Whipped Cream with Tapioca crackers

Best compliment ever received: At a car show with Nam’s vehicle on display, a child comes up, touches it, scared to sit inside. Eyes wide open. He walks up to talk and at the end, he says “I want to be like you one day”.

Picture of Alvaro Rosales
Alvaro Rosales Maintenance
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Alvaro Rosales is LPM’s go-to person for maintenance. He is responsible for most of the work orders from our tenants. From caulking and changing locks, to installing new appliances and fixing broken windows. He does things properly and on time, that’s why our tenants (and the company) are very fond of him

Alvaro’s Fun Facts

Inspired by: His Father

Favorite memory: When he met his wife

Best place traveled to: Florida

Perfect day: Finish his day happy, with good food and a happy wife.

Friends describe him as: Responsible and honest

Favorite subject in school: Mexican History

Favorite music: Romantic

Favorite animal: dogs

Current pets: One cat

10 years from now: He sees himself working and enjoying his family

Picture of Juan
Juan Miranda Field Technician
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Juan is currently Landmark’s Property Management Field Technician. Some of his duties include the move-ins preparation, attend inspections and meetings, schedule move outs and perform scopes or work. Juan really likes Real EState and is currently working on his broker’s license. 

Juan’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Michoacan, Mexico

Perfect day: Rainy day in a cabin in the woods

Friends describe him as: Responsible, kind and funny

Favorite subject in school: Math

Hidden talent or hobbies: Love painting canvases

Favorite movie(s): Sangre por Sangre and Rocky

Picture of Carolina
Carolina Jimenez Administrative Assistant
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Carolina is currently Landmark Property Management’s Administrative Assistant. She handles follow-up of tasks and processes such as lease renewals, collections and utility bill payments. Carolina has been in the property management industry for years and has prior experience as a Maintenance Coordinator with a property management company out of Alabama. She enjoys the property management industry because there is always a problem to be solved!

Carolina’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: National Park Uruapan in Mexico

Perfect Day: Waking up and going out for breakfast. Enjoying a walk in the park with her daughter and then going to a bookstore for a good book. 

Friends describe her as: Proactive, reliable, communicative, rational thinking, with integrity and persistent.

Favorite subject in school: History

Favorite music: Classic Rock

Best concert she’s been to: BTS, great show!

Picture of Karla
Karla Jacinto Social Media & Digital Marketing
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Karla is currently in charge of Landmark’s Property Management social media and digital marketing. Some of her responsibilities include but are not limited to content creation and scheduling on different social media platforms. At her previous company, Karla was able to create a new stream of income through e-commerce!

Karla’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Colombia, Spain, Belgium and Mexico of course. 

Perfect day: Wake up nice and early and go scuba diving, have breakfast at the beach and enjoy the ocean all day with a cold beer. Have lunch with her family, walk the dogs at sunset and go to Costco at night! 

Friends describe her as: Straightforward, intense, funny, loyal and clever

Favorite subject in school: History

Favorite food: Sushi & Italian

Current pets: Two dogs! A Boston Terrier named Ruti and a French Bulldog called Jefe

Hidden talents/hobbies: Ballet and Basketball

Picture of Kyle Plarski
Kyle Plarski Broker
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Kyle Plarski is currently a Broker at Landmark Property Management. Some of his duties include buying, selling, and leasing property for clients and investors. He enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their goals. Helping clients make a big purchase is very exciting and rewarding for Kyle. Before working with Landmark Property Management, Kyle worked in construction and remodeling!

Kyle’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Tennessee. He loved the beautiful views, the animals, and the entertainment.

Perfect day: Waking up with a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise.  Then heading to work, meeting some new people, making some connections, getting a sale, and then heading home.  Finish the day by working out while enjoying the sunset. After the workout it would be dinner and catching up on the latest TV series while enjoying some ice cream!

Friends describe him as: Hard working, accountable, funny, and a team player.  

Hidden talent: Running. Kyle can run a 5k in under 25 minutes and usually runs 3 miles a day.

Favorite subject in school: Math

Favorite food: Steak and tacos.

Favorite movie: The Pursuit of Happiness.

Picture of Carlos
Carlos Martinez Maintenance Coordinator
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Carlos Martinez is currently our amazing Maintenance Coordinator. This fast paced position is in charge of taking maintenance requests, vendor scheduling, work order follow-up, billing and much more. It is always a pleasure to work with Carlos.

Carlo’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Mammoth Lakes in California. His family has been fishing there for generations.

Favorite subject in school: Classical and medieval history.

Hidden talent: He can move his ears

Music: Rock, metal, some jazz and symphonic music.

Best concert ever: Slayer concert in Mexico City after their original drummer re-joined the band.

Favorite animal: Currently, polar bears.

Favorite food: “In Mexico you learn that the world can fit in a tortilla because of all the different kinds of tacos you can have”.

Favorite movie: Lord of the Ring (the trilogy)

Current pets: 1 rescued cat.

Picture of Veruska
Veruska Lopez Maintenance Admin
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Veruska Lopez is currently our Maintenance Admin. She is responsible for tenant communication, maintenance coordination, and updating our property management software. She is also responsible for property onboarding and offboarding. Veruska is well known for being hard working, professional, detail-oriented and great with time management skills.

Veruska’s Fun Facts

Best places traveled to: Definitely Argentina. She is in love with Buenos Aires. Hopefully she can go again soon!

Favorite subject in school: English, and when she was in college she really liked Calculus!

Best concert: She had the opportunity to see Paramore this year. Definitely one of the best days of her life!

Favorite Animal: She loves raccoons and cats!

Current Pets: 2 cats that she loves as her own kids.