Why Choose Landmark Property Management
as Your Trusted Partner?

We understand that choosing a company to manage what may be your largest asset, can be a gut wrenching task. The property management industry is crowded with fly by night companies and embellished promises, making it an even more stressful decision. Here are a few of the many reasons why Landmark Property Management stands above the competition.

Our Competitive Edge


At Landmark Property Management, we understand that time is of the essence. That's why we prioritize rapid and effective communication, ensuring that your queries and concerns are addressed promptly. Help is always just a call, text, or email away, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve! Our one point of contact model, ticketing system, and cross-trained team ensures simple, effective, and pragmatic communication. We’re so confident in our ability to communicate, we guarantee it! Check out our guarantees here.

We Treat Your Property Like We Own It

Property management can be a fine balancing act between owners and tenants, repairs and upgrades, and proactive and reactive maintenance. But your property isn't just another asset to us; we manage it as if it were our own. We assess every situation through the lens of, “If I was the owner, what would be the best solution for the long term success of this investment property?” From meticulous maintenance to strategic marketing, we go the extra mile to maximize your property's potential. Trust us to keep your property in pristine condition, optimizing its value and appeal.

Drive For Innovation

Let’s face it - most property management companies operate in the stone age. In a constantly evolving real estate landscape, our commitment to innovation sets us apart. We leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven strategies to streamline operations and enhance the tenant and owner experience. We’re always looking to improve our current systems and processes in any way we can. At the end of the day, a better user experience for our clients and tenants makes everyone happy! With Landmark Property Management, you're not just keeping up with the times; you're staying ahead of the curve.

Guaranteed Results

At Landmark Property Management, we understand that price is merely the financial outlay, but the true measure is in the value you receive. We’re so confident that we deliver best property management services in the Chicagoland area, we put our money where our mouth is. Take a look at our guarantees that provide our clients with the assurance and peace of mind they deserve!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Response Time

Response Time Guarantee

Eviction Guarantee

Eviction Guarantee

Rental Guarantee

Rental Guarantee

Pet Damage Guarantee

Pet Damage Guarantee

Leasing Fee Guarantee

Leasing Fee Guarantee

To learn more about our guarantees, check out our guarantee page for more information.

Reputation is EVERYTHING! (& Ours Is Impeccable)

When it comes to property management companies, we know there are lots of options out there. But not all property managers are created equal and not every property management firm can produce results! We let our customers do the talking and believe this is why we are the preferred commercial property manager in the Chicagoland area. As a property owner, you need to trust that your property manager is the right fit to take care of your commercial real estate.
Take a look at what our customers have to say:

Our Proven Process to Provide Peace of Mind

Our Proven Process to Provide Peace of Mind
Free Consultation with our Team
  • • Quick call to see if we are a good fit for each other
  • • Brief overview of how we operate
  • • Q&A on our property management process
  • • Discuss next steps
Review & Sign Agreement
  • • Review property management agreement at your convenience
  • • Full transparency on how we operate and what we charge
  • • Availability for additional Q&A/clarification if needed
Onboarding Process
  • • Data and document collection
  • • Owner, property, and tenant setup
  • • Introduction to your Owner Relations representative
  • • Begin leasing process OR existing tenant introduction
Enjoy your Peace of Mind
  • • 24/7 Emergency maintenance coordination
  • • All tenant communication & concerns handled
  • • All move ins, move outs, and unit turns handled
  • • Monthly updates, payouts, and account statements

Our Core Values

In today's landscape where trust is often elusive and clarity can be murky, our company stands as a reliable pillar, reminiscent of old fashioned core values. We are committed to authenticity, upholding the enduring principles that have always guided us. While the world around us may be unpredictable, our clients can rest assured that partnering with us means a straightforward, dependable journey, every step of the way.


At the foundation of our operations is a deep-seated commitment to integrity. We believe in upholding the highest standards of honesty and transparency in all our interactions. For us, integrity means doing the right thing consistently, ensuring that our clients and partners can trust us wholeheartedly.


Reliability is a cornerstone of our business ethos. We understand the importance of being there when our clients need us, delivering on promises without fail. Our commitment to dependability ensures that our clients can count on us to provide consistent, high-quality service every time.

Hard Work

We are firm believers in the value of dedication and perseverance. Our team is committed to putting in the effort, going the extra mile, and tackling challenges head-on. It's through this unwavering commitment to hard work that we achieve excellence and ensure client satisfaction.

Growth Oriented

We are always looking forward, seeking opportunities to learn, innovate, and expand. Our growth-oriented mindset drives us to continuously improve, adapt, and evolve, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry and provide our clients with the best solutions.

Be Happy

We believe that a positive attitude and a joyful spirit are essential for success. By fostering a culture of happiness, we create an environment where our team feels valued, motivated, and inspired. We're convinced that when we're happy in our work, it reflects in the quality of service we provide to our clients.

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