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10 Security Mistakes That Put Your Family and Home at Risk

10 Security Mistakes That Put Your Family and Home at Risk

While the US is relatively safe in comparison to the rest of the world, home burglaries  are extremely common. The FBI stated that every 13 seconds there is a new break in which means there are more than 2 million per year. Also, did you know that 34% of the burglaries occur through the front door of the home?

Here are some security mistakes that are putting your house and family at risk.

1. Opaque fencing

It is true that fences provide security from strange people coming into your house through the backyard. Just be careful with anything that obstructs the view of your home. 

Not having a clear view can hide visibility of the main road. This is not limited to fences, it could also mean bushes, shrubs and trees. This could be an easy hiding spot for burglars.

2. Going light on door and windows

How many times have you left the windows unlocked? Sometimes we forget the basics. Always remember to lock your windows. Many burglars know how to get through standard locks, so consider upgrading to more secure heavy-duty window locks.

3. Leaving your keys hidden “in plain sight”

Never leave your keys outside. Ever. Everyone knows the common places to leave the keys (under the mat, bushes, window sill, under a fake rock etc). Trust us, if the key is hidden “in plain sight” the burglar will find it. The farther the keys are from your house the better.

4. Keeping valuables close to a window

Remember that if you can see outside, they can see inside. The outside view is a crucial factor when houses are being robbed and watched by intruders. If anything valuable is visible it will definitely attract unwanted people. Think of computers, laptops, keys or even jewelry. No one should ever know what you possess from outside.

5. Trusting your guard dog 100%

Having a guard dog is always a good idea. They can scare away, bark and even attack intruders. However we should not leave all of our security to them. Dogs can be easily impressed by treats or worse; can be poisoned by thieves. Always beware!

6. Having your alarm system in direct sight

This mistake is far more common than you would think. A lot of the security in our home depends on which part of the home the alarm is installed in. If the alarm is in direct sight from the street, it increases the probabilities of break-ins. It is extremely important you hide the control panel. Make sure you tell this to the installation crew that is setting up your security system.  

7. Packages delivered to empty houses

Sometimes we forget to cancel our deliveries while we are away and they get stacked up at our doorstep. This is a green light for thieves. They know you are not home and they have complete access to your personal information too. Don’t leave empty boxes of expensive TV’s or computers in plain sight. Put them inside a trash bag or keep them inside your home until you can take them personally to the dumpster.

8. Using fake security equipment

It used to be a common practice to buy fake cameras, however burglars can now figure out the difference between a real one and a fake one. Make sure you invest in something that can continuously monitor your home.

9. Assuming daytime is safe

Never assume that robberies happen at night. Actually the most common time to break into a house is between 12:00pm and 4:00 pm. This time is when people are working or at school. Always take the same precautions you take at night during the day.   

10. Announcing the world where you will be on social media

Avoid announcing to the public where you are or will be soon on your social network. It is a very easy way for a robber to know your schedule and schedule a burglary. You should wait until you are home to share your vacation.