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Your Vacant Rental Property Not Getting Viewings? Here's What You Need To Do

Your Vacant Rental Property Not Getting Viewings? Here's What You Need To Do

Renting out a property can be a challenging process, especially if you're not receiving any viewings. The lack of interest can be disheartening, but you need to remember not to lose hope. When a property is not getting any viewings, many landlords might start to panic and think that dropping the asking price might be the only option. While it’s true that doing so may prompt new interest from buyers who were previously unable to afford it, it should be a last resort for most sellers. The good news is that there are many other steps you can take to create a buzz around your property and increase much more interest.\

In today’s post, we will explore strategies and actions you can implement to boost the visibility of your property and entice prospective viewers. Keep reading to find out!

Assess And Enhance The curb Appeal

First impressions always matter and the curb appeal of your property is a critical factor in attracting viewers. Start by evaluating the exterior of your property objectively and see what changes you might need to make. Is it inviting and well-maintained? Consider enhancing the curb appeal by tidying up the landscaping, cleaning or repainting the front door, and ensuring the exterior is in good condition. A well-presented exterior creates a positive impression and entices potential viewers to explore further.

Update The Online Listings

In today's digital age, online listings play a significant role in attracting potential viewers and tenants. Take a good look at your property's online presence, including photographs and descriptions, which are vital in this industry.

Make sure the photos are of high quality, showcasing the property's best features. Write compelling and accurate descriptions that highlight the unique selling points and amenities people can benefit from. You can also consider utilizing multiple listing platforms to increase the visibility of your property to a broader audience.

Craft A Professional Description

We’ve talked a bit about a good online listing above, but let’s dig a little deeper into this subject. As we’ve established above, a good description can make or break your reach, as a good property description that stands out is key to attracting potential tenants to view your house. Too many agents get stuck in a rut and use the same sentences and sales patterns over and over again, which doesn’t grab people’s attention or stand out in any way. 

What you can do to fix this problem is to find an agent who has a fresh approach to writing property descriptions or get your property manager to help you in this matter. Have a look at some of their property ‘write-ups’ and see if you like the wording.

Expand Your Marketing

If your current marketing efforts are yielding different viewings, it may be time to expand your reach. Look for more uncommon marketing opportunities you can use to promote your property. Collaborate with local real estate agents or property listing websites to increase exposure, and ask local influencers for some posts about it.

Utilize social media platforms as much as you can to showcase your property and engage with potential viewers. Consider hosting open house events or virtual tours to pique interest and create a sense of urgency among the people.

Create A Virtual Tour

Since we’re on the topic of marketing, there’s no better way to exhibit your house’s best features than recording a video and making a virtual house tour. While pictures work, videos are more detailed, giving the viewer a more complete visualization of the rental property. You can also choose which platform you think is more aligned with your target market. Meanwhile, if your property doesn’t have the most interesting layout, but it has other beautiful features like a spacious backyard, patio, or perhaps a nicely arranged garden, you can entice your buyers by shooting an aerial view of your property using a drone. 

If you choose this way of marketing your property, you can invest in professional photographers or videographers to help you make well-crafted videos and show off your property’s best details.

Adjust The Asking Price

If you're not receiving viewings, the asking price might also be a contributing factor. You should always research the local market and compare the prices of similar properties in your area. If your asking price is significantly higher, it may be deterring viewers. 

Consider adjusting the price to align with market trends and with your surroundings depending on the neighborhood in order to attract more interest. A competitive price can generate increased attention and motivate prospective buyers or tenants to schedule viewings. One word of caution here - we would not suggest adjusting the asking price unless all the tips mentioned above are already implemented. There’s no sense lowering the price and driving more people to a lackluster listing just to lose them because of bad pictures or a boring property description.

Seek Advice From A Property Manager

Sometimes, the best decision you can make is to seek professional guidance when facing challenges in attracting viewings. Consult with experienced real estate agents or property consultants who can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

They have market knowledge and expertise that can help identify any rising issues and suggest effective strategies to increase viewings. Their advice can be instrumental in adjusting your approach and rejuvenating interest in your property.


The key to a flourishing rental property business is always having renters coming your way, and that’s achieved with eye-catching listings. Not receiving viewings can be discouraging, but it doesn't mean you should give up on your property goals, but by taking these proactive measures, you can improve the visibility of your property and attract tenants. 

Generating viewings may require time and ongoing refinement of your strategies. A property manager can be your best friend when it comes to this matter. They are skilled professionals who can easily overcome the lack of viewings and move closer to achieving a successful sale or rental transaction.

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